We hope to bring the series back in the future, details TBD

CCBB’s Bioinformatics Seminar series is a monthly lunch series featuring local bioinformaticians discussing their tools, research, software, coding, etc. A light lunch will be provided.

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Upcoming Events:

April 2020- Current: Seminar Series is on hold until further notice.

Past Events:

March 2, 2020: Brin Rosenthal (CCBB) will give a talk on “A convergence of genetic variation in comorbid diseases identifies common molecular networks”.

February 3, 2020:  Gregory Peters (SDSU Segall Lab) will give a talk on “Studying the interaction of bacteriophage viruses with Salmonella and E. coli using GenePattern, Galaxy, and other bioinformatics tools”.

January 6, 2020:  Fay Jiang (Jiang Lab) will give a talk on “Inflammation-driven A-to-I RNA editing in leukemia stem cell maintenance”.

December 2, 2019:  Join the UC San Diego Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CCBB) for a festive edition of the Bioinformatics Seminar Series. Join us for a lunch break filled with networking, science discussions and holiday treats!

November 4, 2019: Olivier Harismendy (Oncogenomics Lab) will give a talk on “Genomic profiling of pre-cancerous lesions”.

October 7, 2019: Jordan Berg (Rutter Lab, U of Utah) will give a talk on “XPRESSyourself: Enhancing, Standardizing, and Automating Ribosome Profiling Computational Analyses Yields Improved Insights”.

September 9, 2019: Lukas Chavez (Chavez Lab) will give a talk on “Targeting of tumors as informed by oncogenic 3D genome organization”.

June – August 2019: No seminar series over summer break.

May 6, 2019: Sarah Murray (Center for Advanced Laboratory Medicine, Dept. of Pathology) will give a talk on “Clinical Genomics Testing for Cardiomyopathies and Arrhythmias”.

April 1, 2019: Zhang (Frank) Cheng (Center for Epigenomics) will give a talk on “ATAC-Seq and ChIP-Seq in UCSD Center for Epigenomics”.

March 4, 2019: Nathan Lewis (Lewis Lab) will give a talk on “The convergence of the genetic heterogeneity in Autism”.

February 4, 2019: Trey Ideker (Ideker Lab) will give a talk on “Decoding genomes through the hierarchical architecture of the cell”.

January 7, 2019: Katie Fisch (CCBB) will be presenting project highlights from the CCBB, focusing on the computational methods employed, such as differential RNA editing, single cell RNAseq, network analysis, proteomics and whole genome variant analysis.

February 5, 2018: Dr. Sylvain Costes (NASA Ames Research Center) will give a talk on NASA’s GeneLab Data System.

March 5, 2018: Michael Reich (Mesirov Lab) will give a talk on GenePattern software.

April 2, 2018: Barry Demchak (Ideker Lab) will give a talk on Cytoscape software.

May 7, 2018: Hannah Carter (Carter Lab) will give a talk titled “Are tumors predictable? Inherited genetic variation constrains tumor evolution.

June – September 2018: No seminar series over summer break.

October 1, 2018: Rebecca Colman (Rodwell Lab) will give a talk on “Aligner choice and the effect on rare variant detection capability”.

November 5, 2018: Dexter Pratt (The NDEx Project) will give a talk on “Network Workflows with NDEx and Cytoscape”.

December 3, 2018: Brian Tsui (Carter Lab) will give a talk titled “Skymap: Allelic read counts extracted from 250,000 human sequencing runs in Sequence Read Archive”.

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