UC San Diego's Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CCBB) provides researchers with core bioinformatics expertise to analyze large molecular datasets in the areas of genomics, systems biology and personalized medicine.

We assist investigators with understanding how to make good use of computational tools and analysis methods for solving hypothesis-driven problems in molecular biology. We place special emphasis in the areas of genomics, systems biology and personalized medicine. We also provide expertise in statistical analysis and training where applicable.

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Our affiliation with UC San Diego’s School of Medicine gives us unique access to collaborations with investigators at one of the top-ranked public research universities in the nation. UC San Diego was also named 14th best research university in the world by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies of Leiden University’s 2014 list that measured scientific impact of universities worldwide.

Upcoming Events

  1. May 31

    Introducing High Performance Computing

    9:00a - 4:30p

    UC San Diego - Biomedical Library Building, Classroom 4

    This workshop will be taught by Andre Zonca, High Performance Computing specialist at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. This is a hands-on introduction to Supercomputing to learn how to connect to the UCSD Supercomputer and launch simple parallel jobs. Targeted to people with no previous experience in Supercomputing.

  2. Jun 19

    UC Davis RNA-Seq Workshop

    Jun 19 to Jun 23

    UC Davis Campus

    This workshop will include a rich collection of lectures and hands-on sessions, covering both theory and tools associated with command-line RNA-seq data analysis.

  3. Jun 26

    Festival of Genomics

    Jun 26 to May 27

    San Diego Convention Center

    The Festival of Genomics (FoG) San Diego is a 2-day celebration of genomics bringing together leaders in academia, biopharma, and healthcare all in one place to explore the recent advancements in the field of genomics.

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