The Center for Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (CCBB) is a collaborative center that provides investigators with bioinformatics expertise to analyze large molecular datasets.

We place special emphasis in the areas of genomics, transcriptomics, systems biology and translational medicine. Our services include data analysis, biological interpretation, grant writing and training. The center’s goals are to provide exceptional fee-for-service computational analysis and algorithm development, foster long-term collaborations with the UCSD research community, educate biomedical investigators on analysis tools and techniques, and connect bioinformaticians on campus and promote exchange of expertise.

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Effective July 1, 2020: our new hourly rate will be $180/hr to allow us to continue to serve the UCSD faculty at a heavily subsidized rate made possible by the VCHS and ACTRI. Existing project quotes will continue to be honored. Please contact Dr. Kathleen Fisch, Faculty Director of CCBB if you have any questions.

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