1. Aug 7

    UC Davis Genome Center – Proteomics Short Course

    Aug 7 to Jul 11

    UC Davis Campus

    Participants will be exposed to fundamental technology platforms and current methodologies in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Lectures will be presented by the proteomics core staff as well as leading proteomics experts including scientists from UC Davis, UCSF, Stanford, Bruker, Thermo Scientific and the Buck institute. This is an intensive, practical course that is meant to give the participant enough background to allow them to take the course material and build upon and apply it to their own individual projects.

  2. Aug 9

    UC Davis Genome Center – RNA-Seq Library Preparation and Introduction to Data Analysis

    Aug 9 to Aug 11

    UC Davis Campus

    This workshop provides comprehensive hands-on training in the preparation of high quality RNA-Seq libraries for the Illumina platform. Participants will generate two types of RNA-seq libraries, suitable for bacterial and eukaryotic samples. RNA samples will be provided. Lectures will cover the entire workflow including sample QC/QA, the basic principles of the Illumina technologies, and considerations for experimental design meeting current publication standards.  Approximately 6 hours will be spent on data analysis.

  3. Aug 21

    UC Davis Genome Center – Variant Analysis Workshop 2017

    Aug 21 to Aug 25

    UC Davis Campus

    Participants will explore experimental design, cost estimation, data generation, and processing of genomic data generated on the Illumina sequencing platform to discover and analyze variants. Topics will include mapping data to a genome, variant discovery pipelines, SNP annotation, effect prediction, structural variants, copy number variants, Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS), and Cancer datasets. This workshop will include a rich collection of lectures and hands-on sessions, covering both theory and tools associated with command-line variant analysis.

  4. Sep 6

    UC Davis Genome Center – Microbial Community Analysis

    Sep 6 to Sep 8

    UC Davis Campus

    This workshop covers amplicon-based microbial analysis and methodology using high throughput sequencing technologies, and ancillary topics. For this workshop, it is strongly recommended that participants have basic familiarity with the Linux/Unix (or Mac) command line, as well as familiarity with general biological concepts and an enthusiasm for learning about microbial data analysis!


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