Below is a selection of past seminars, workshops, and presentations given by CCBB’s analysts.


Upcoming events:


  1. Dec 3

    Bioinformatics Seminar Series – December 2018

    12 - 1 pm

    UC San Diego - BRF2-1104

    This is a monthly lunch series featuring local bioinformaticians discussing their tools, research, software, coding, etc. Brian Tsui (Carter Lab) will give a talk titled “Skymap: Allelic read counts extracted from 250,000 human sequencing runs in Sequence Read Archive”.  A light lunch will be provided.

  2. Dec 19

    San Diego Bioinformatics Network Holiday Party

    4 pm - 6 pm

    BRF2-2A patio

    Join us for our first event in the bi-annual format: a holiday party! CCBB will provide a no-host bar (beer and wine) and light refreshments, so stop by and meet members of the UCSD bioinformatics community.


Past events:

  1. Reproducible Genomic Interpretation Tools for Translational Medicine: Application to an N of 1 Case Study by Katie Fisch (ISMB Translational Medicine SIG in Orlando, Florida – July 2016)
  2. Choosing the Right Strategy for Conducting a Microbiome Study by Amanda Birmingham (Symposium on the Human Microbiome at the University of Costa Rica – November 2016)
  3. Enabling Reproducible Analysis of NGS Experiments through Automated Jupyter Pipelines by Amanda Birmingham (NGS Data Analysis & Informatics Conference in San Diego, CA – February 2017)
  4. Microbiome 16S Analysis: A Quick-Start Guide by Amanda Birmingham (Host-microbe symbioses: from functional to ecological perspectives at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal – July 2017)
  5. Can Jupyter Notebooks Serve Two Masters? by Amanda Birmingham (Reproducible Research and Interactive Education: Application of Jupyter Notebooks in San Diego, CA – April 2018)
  6. Cirrus-NGS: Cloud-optimized next generation sequencing primary analysis pipeline by Guorong Xu (BOSC 2018 in Portland, Oregon – June 2018)
  7. Choosing the Right Strategy for Conducting a Microbiome Study and Microbiome Analysis with QIIME2: A Hands-On Tutorial by Amanda Birmingham (Oslo University, Norway – June 2018)
  8. A network landscape of autism spectrum and other developmental disorders reveals shared molecular mechanism by Brin Rosenthal (ISMB 2018 in Chicago, Illinois – July 2018)
  9. QIIMP: Microbiome Metadata Made Easy and Microbiome Analysis with QIIME2: A Hands-On Tutorial by Amanda Birmingham (Bioinformatics: from Algorithms to Applications 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia – July 2018)


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