Below is a selection of past seminars, workshops, and presentations given by CCBB’s analysts.


Upcoming events:



Past events:

  1. Reproducible Genomic Interpretation Tools for Translational Medicine: Application to an N of 1 Case Study by Katie Fisch (ISMB Translational Medicine SIG in Orlando, Florida, July 2016)
  2. Choosing the Right Strategy for Conducting a Microbiome Study by Amanda Birmingham (Symposium on the Human Microbiome at the University of Costa Rica, November 2016)
  3. Enabling Reproducible Analysis of NGS Experiments through Automated Jupyter Pipelines by Amanda Birmingham (NGS Data Analysis & Informatics Conference in San Diego, CA, February 2017)
  4. Microbiome 16S Analysis: A Quick-Start Guide by Amanda Birmingham (Host-microbe symbioses: from functional to ecological perspectives at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science, Oeiras, Portugal, July 2017)

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